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Switch and Button Stickers

This sticker pack contains one each of 12 different 2"x0.5" stickers for labeling unlabeled buttons and switches on car dashboards, computer cases, and anything else.

Every car dash has a few unlabeled buttons that look like they should do something cool, although they usually just turn out to control the emergency blinkers. So here are some removable labels for those buttons. There are five stickers for unlabeled buttons (EJECT, TRANSFORM, ABORT, SELF-DESTRUCT, and ARMAGEDDON), a couple pairs for unlabeled switches (CHAOS/ORDER, GOOD/BAD), and one XKCD sticker.

For those who remember this story from the Jargon File, yes, the sticker-pairs also include "MAGIC/MORE MAGIC" stickers for your favorite mysterious switch.

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